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Mechanic Description:


  • Inspect machines, engines, transmissions etc. 

  • Conduct repairs aiming for maximum reliability

  • Troubleshoot reported problems and resolve them in a timely manner

  • Perform thorough maintenance on machinery, equipment and systems

  • Clean and apply lubricants to machinery components

  • Replenish fluids and components of engines and machinery

  • Assisting customers with loading and unloading equipment and strapping equipment down

  • Going over equipment with customer to make sure customer is able to operate machinery safely and properly

  • Doing a general inspection with the customer of the equipment they will rent

  • Able to deliver and pickup equipment


  • Proven experience as Mechanic

  • Excellent knowledge of machinery and hydraulic, electrical and other systems and their components

  • Aptitude in using various hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers etc.) and precision measurement tools (e.g. calipers)

  • Ability to follow established procedures and practices and read instructions, being organized

  • A strong commitment to all health and safety guidelines

  • Very good communication skills along with a positive attitude

  • A problem-solving ability

  • Very good physical strength and stamina

  • High school diploma is preferred; Certification from a vocational school is a definite plus

  • Driver’s License required


Secretary/Receptionist Description:


  • Answer phone calls and redirect them when necessary

  • Manage the daily/weekly/monthly agenda 

  • Prepare contracts

  • File and update contact information of employees, customers, and suppliers 

  • Support and facilitate the completion of bookkeeping and accounting reports

  • Develop and maintain a filing system

  • Check frequently the levels of office supplies and place appropriate orders


  • Proven work experience as a Secretary or Administrative Assistant

  • Familiarity with office organization and optimization techniques

  • High degree of multi-tasking and time management capability

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Integrity and professionalism along with a great, positive attitude

  • Proficiency in MS Office

  • High school diploma

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